Thank you for an incredible 5 months


We fell short and came in second - but I will tell you I am super grateful, have no regrets, and feel invigorated by the people I have met here in Northwest Indiana. We knocked 6,000 doors, hosted countless meet and greets, phone banked, and lead a positive, organized campaign on the issues. I continue to think NWI has a once in a generation economic development opportunity to steward, that we have to protect the most vulnerable among us, build the middle class with real opportunities, defend reproductive rights, and stop the culture wars that not only degrade us spiritually but economically as well.

I’m also fixated on democracy reform work that runs through statehouses for how we can innovate our elections to create more choices, more participation, and less toxicity in this polarized environment through final five voting and other rank choice voting reforms. I believe we have to take these political reforms mainstream, now. It’s what inspired me to get in this race, and that passion will continue to manifest in other ways.

Being a citizen, if you take it seriously, is hard. But it’s worth it. And running for office for me was never about being against the other candidates, who I respect, but about offering myself and a vision to the voters, who I respect even more. Special shout out to the dream team #toddsquad, the extraordinary talent of Ersilia Melchiorre, Garrett Wolf, and Monica Alexander, and the love that endures all seasons from Andrew Tourney & Jasper.

To everyone who donated, texted, joined, canvassed and sent love from afar I feel it, and I hope I made you proud. More adventures, both yours and mine, await.

With you,



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