Meet and Greets with Todd Connor

As you may know, we have a Democratic Primary Election coming up on May 3rd to determine who will be elected to the 4th State Senate District. To that end, I want to invite you to stop by at some of our April events. We’ll be hanging out, enjoying some great local businesses and I would appreciate the chance to meet you in person and hear what’s on your mind. Please RSVP here or to

We will be at some awesome local business the following dates:

  • Saturday, April 9th at the Red Cup Cafe in Chesterton, IN

  • Sunday, April 10th at the Goblin & The Grocer in Beverly Shores, IN

  • Saturday, April 23rd at the HOPE Community Building in Michigan City, IN

  • Saturday April 23rd at Emerson House in La Porte, IN

  • Sunday, April 24th at Blue Moon Vintage Market in Westville, IN

Like many of you, I feel called to fight for the things we love here in the region: the environment, our schools, organized labor, and our economic growth opportunity, and have great anxiety at the dangerous culture wars, politicization of our schools, and threats to democracy that just are not who we are as Hoosiers or Americans.

I want to hear what is on your mind, and I’d be very honored and grateful to earn your support.


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