Chesterton Tribune - Connor announces run for state senate

U.S. Navy Veteran and democracy advocate Todd Connor announced his campaign for the Democratic nomination for Indiana’s 4th Senate District on Tuesday, joining an increasingly crowded field in the May primary election for the seat formerly held by Karen Tallian.

Connor is a Porter County resident, small business owner, U.S. Navy veteran, husband, father to an adopted two-year-old son and currently the CEO of Veterans for Political Innovation, an organization he co-founded to make our political system less toxic and more competitive by mobilizing military veterans to fight to preserve democracy through election innovations.

Connor has spent his adult life in service to his community and country as an officer in the U.S. Navy, helping military veterans start businesses, advocating for reforms to end the toxic dysfunction that grips national politics, and supporting progressive causes and leaders to move our country forward.

“It’s hard to build a future in a Republican-led state that so often wants to go backwards: on organized labor, on the environment, on teachers, on women’s health and reproductive choice, and, sadly, on democracy itself,” Connor said in a release.

In 2014, Todd founded Bunker Labs, a national entrepreneurship organization dedicated to helping the military-connected community start and grow businesses. Since then, Bunker Labs has grown to over 40 chapters across the United States.

The quality of life of Northwest Indiana and the unrealized economic potential that it holds are what led Todd and his husband, Andrew, to settle there and open Emerson House, a small business and event venue in La Porte.

The senate seat is now held by Rodney Pol Jr., an attorney from Chesterton, who was selected by Democratic caucus to replace Tallian of Ogden Dunes. She stepped down effective Nov. 1 after serving the district for almost 16 years. Fellow Democrats Ron Meer, the former mayor of Michigan City, also has said he is running for the post, as is Michigan City School Board member Deb Chubb.

The district includes northern Porter County and a portion of LaPorte County. It previously also included part of Lake County.


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