Todd Connor is the owner of a La Porte small business, Emerson House, a U.S. Navy veteran, and lives in Porter County with his husband and 2-year old son. He is currently the CEO of Veterans for Political Innovation, an organization he co-founded to make our political system less toxic and more competitive by mobilizing military veterans to fight to preserve democracy through election innovations.

In 2014, Todd also founded Bunker Labs, a national entrepreneurship organization dedicated to helping military veterans start and grow businesses. Since then, Bunker Labs has grown to over 40 chapters across the United States and serves over 2,000 small business owners each year through its programs. 

Todd has dedicated his life to service, and as a Hoosier by choice sees an opportunity to better organize, grow, and lead the region through elected leadership, particularly with Northwest Indiana poised to receive an unprecedented $400M in direct investment coming through the double track South Shore Train expansion. A believer in bringing people together, getting big things done, and looking out for those feeling left behind are the values that drive Todd and this campaign.

Todd holds a BA from Northwestern University, an MBA from the University of Chicago, and is the author of Third Shift Entrepreneur.  You can see more of his professional history here on LinkedIn.


Fresh Leadership:
Let's Build the Future Together

I've spent my life finding common ground, building solutions, and achieving results outside of politics whether it was starting a non-profit to help military veterans, opening and running my own small businesses, or taking on the challenges of our day such as political reform. As someone who likes to get things done and has already invested in the region by opening a business, I believe I can play a bigger role to better organize, grow, and lead the region through elected leadership. 

Here in Northwest Indiana, we have an unprecedented, generational opportunity with over $400M in direct investment coming through the double track South Shore Train expansion and other projects. We could, with the right leadership, define our region and position ourselves for outside investment, build a clean energy corridor, attract growth businesses and raise our standard of living. There are so many wonderful things in Northwest Indiana to be excited about with our infrastructure, natural assets, great schools, proximity to Chicago, and strong communities. Sadly, it is equally true that we have a legacy of elected officials in the headlines for the wrong reasons, or a sense that our politicians and our politics in this state represent something from the past rather than something for our future.  In addition, the 4th District has not elected a new State Senator outside of a party caucus process in over 30 years which creates this unique opportunity.


While our state government is running budget surpluses and has a strong credit rating, only expanded over this past year during the pandemic, it is also true that the personal debt owed by Hoosiers ballooned over that same period by $8B.  While we love our region, it is also true that Indiana ranks at, or near, the bottom in numerous measures affecting actual Hoosiers: wage growth, educational attainment, overall health as well as mental health, labor force growth, nursing home care, wetland protections, toxic chemical release, treatment towards organized labor, maternal mortality, infant health… the list, sadly, goes on. 


We do not need to sacrifice our values or neglect people to achieve our economic development goals and attract businesses to the region and state. In fact, protecting the environment and the only National Park in Indiana, making sure people have good jobs, good wages and good healthcare, ensuring the water we drink and the air we breath are clean, and allowing women to make healthcare decisions for themselves are not just the right things to do, they are the key to unlocking Indiana’s economic development opportunity.